Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Who's going to be 2? Really?

I just can't believe the trips will be 2 in a just a few short days. Where does the time go?

From this ...

To this ...

L to R: Micah, Patrick, & Kathleen

Here are a few pictures from Mimi & Pawpaw's last visit ...

The boys love building blocks with Pawpaw. Patrick is instructing Pawpaw how to build the tower correctly. It looks like Micah is going to do some yard work with the leaf blower in his hand.

Kathleen, what more can you say. She is so beautiful but she doesn't take anything from those boys. She is a little fighter.

And everyone loves to play in Pawpaw's truck so they can drive, drive. You are not suppose to beep the horn but somehow it always gets pushed!! :)