Monday, June 30, 2008

Incredible Hulk

The following three pictures shows Micah's curiousity and his strength. I think his new nickname should be the Incredible Hulk!

Micah ... On the Go!

Micah was the official first crawler of the three. He is on the go all the time! Take a look ...

Patrick ... The Ham!

He is such a ham and has a laid-back personality. He too will be a handsome young man in which the girls will be chasing after him!


This girl is going to break many hearts when she is older. Those beautiful eyes will be killers to the boys!

Look at those legs ... love 'em! :)

Look at my new teeth! :)

Everybody Smile!

Daddy and his boys!
L to R: Patrick, Jo Jo, & Micah

Mimi with her precious angels (or 2 out of the 4)
L to R: Kathleen, Patrick, & Mimi
Not pictured: Micah & Erin

We are big boys & girl!

L to R: Micah, Patrick, & Kathleen

L to R: Micah, Patrick, & Kathleen

L to R: Micah (crawling away), Patrick, & Kathleen

Big Sister Erin in Action!

We are Freemans!

The trips love to eat and then go to sleep in their high-chairs!


Patrick (I am assuming)


So Cool ... Gotta Wear Shades!

Kathleen is a cool mama!

Sunglasses are good for children who are teething! :)

Wagon Ride

Front to Back: Patrick, Kathleen, and sleepy Micah

The wagon ride was too much for the Hoss Man.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Latest Visit Pictures

Mimi went up to help take care of the trips Memorial Day weekend. Here are some of her pictures.

Kathleen's teeth. She will actually be first at something ... cutting teeth!

Patrick waiting for the stroller to start.

Kathleen getting buckled in for the ride by her daddy.

We are all ready to go now.

This is what family life is like now at the Nashville Freeman house.

We love being outside in our play pen.
L to R: Micah, Kathleen, and Patrick.

Micah's head wound. Mimi said it is healing nicely.

Patrick loves the exersaucer!

Weekend's at the Freeman house ...

Kathleen taking it all in ...

Kathleen and Patrick playing in their play yard.

Patrick hamming it up with Mimi and the camera.

Triplets really can share ... Kathleen and Patrick playing together in their play yard. You notice who is not in the picture...Micah.

Everybody is ready for Daddy's daily lecture. I thought this was the funniest picture. All of them just sitting there at Jo's feet waiting for him to give them the plan for the day! LOL

Smile for Mimi everybody!