Monday, March 31, 2008

The circus came & went ...

The Freeman clan from TN came to Starkville this weekend for a visit and to participate in the Super Bulldog Weekend festivities. It was a great weekend. Everyone has grown so much ... including Erin. Here are some pictures of the weekend.

(Yes, they did have to bring a U-Haul. It's not a joke.)

(L to R: Kathleen, Patrick, Erin, & Micah)

The boys ... Patrick & Micah.
(And momma Ginger too!)

Sweet Kathleen. Look at those arm rolls! :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Breakfast before school!

(L to R: Kathleen, Patrick, & Micah)



Off to School!

The trips started daycare in mid-January. They have done great and are the talk of the center. I was able to go with Ginger this past Friday to pick up the babies from school. They were so precious. You just want to eat them up!

(Kathleen & Patrick)

Who you be??

Micah was very interested in who Patrick was. They are all beginning to notice each other and are very curious about what the others are doing. In this picture, the boys were watching a basketball game. Patrick literally cried during the commercials and was happy when the game came back on. He is his father's child!

We like to play & laugh!




( Patrick)


We Love Cereal!

The trips have moved on to eating rice cereal and they LOVE it! They would sit there forever if Ginger or Jo would feed them.
From L to R: Micah, Kathleen, & Patrick.

Here's Patrick. Looks like he is enjoying the cereal! (Sorry Jo abt the bib ... it was all we could find at the time.)

Here's Precious Kathleen. Check out those rolls on her legs. She is certainly a Freeman/Corley baby! :)

Last but not least, Micah Man.
The oldest and biggest of the three.
He also loves the cereal and you can tell
by those cheeks and those thick feet!