Thursday, October 22, 2009

We're Two!

Getting ready for our birthday cupcake! The boys are way more interested in their big sister, however, Kathleen is ready to attack.

Naturally, they all three decide the cupcake was a good thing.



Tailgating in the Grove, celebrating our birthday
and the MT vs. MSU game.
What a fun day! Wish it had been warmer.
Our birthday buddy, Katy.
They share a very special day.
Thanks for coming to the Grove to see us.
The end of our Saturday of tailgating and "ballgame".
And after everyone had a nap.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Fun Filled Weekend!

Fun was had by all last weekend as the Micah, Patrick, & Kathleen celebrated their 2nd birthday and MSU played MTSU in TN. It was very cold and everyone was bundled up at the game.

Erin and her friend Meghan tailgating

L to R: Patrick, Micah, & Kathleen. I guess Kathleen is not getting to watch what she wants! :(

Cupcake time! Yum ... delicious!!

Sweet Patrick

Ms. Photogenic ... Kathleen. Beautiful just like her mother but with blonde hair.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Who's going to be 2? Really?

I just can't believe the trips will be 2 in a just a few short days. Where does the time go?

From this ...

To this ...

L to R: Micah, Patrick, & Kathleen

Here are a few pictures from Mimi & Pawpaw's last visit ...

The boys love building blocks with Pawpaw. Patrick is instructing Pawpaw how to build the tower correctly. It looks like Micah is going to do some yard work with the leaf blower in his hand.

Kathleen, what more can you say. She is so beautiful but she doesn't take anything from those boys. She is a little fighter.

And everyone loves to play in Pawpaw's truck so they can drive, drive. You are not suppose to beep the horn but somehow it always gets pushed!! :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where did the summer go?

Pictures from summer in no particular order.

Do you think the boys look alike?

Recent photo shoot for an advertisement for a local company.

Thanks Mindy and Dave for letting us come swim!


Chunky Monkey

Ham of the family

1st time in the pool

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Erin Paige Graduation

Well, as promised I would provide a few pictures from Erin's 8th Grade Graduation from St. Jude School, Chattanooga. The whole crew was there (me, Jo Jo, Micah, Patrick, Kathleen, my parents and Mi Mi and Paw Paw). Thank goodness we had lots of hands to watch the three 19-month olds. Their not much on sitting still for long and since graduation included a full Mass, they got a little restless. However, they were very excited to see EEEEEE. They absolutely adore their big sister. Here she is as she is starting to the front. Enjoy.

Erin at Outback after graduation. She is growing up way too fast (check out the pink heels).

Here is Erin and one of her very best friends, Katie.

This is the brood after graduation at Outback (Erin and Jo Jo's favorite place for red-rare meat). (l-r) Kathleen, Katie, Patrick, Erin, Micah

Does this appear that Micah has seen someone do this before?

I hope everyone has a great and safe Memorial Day Weekend. We should all remember the reason we are celebrating.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mowers & New Swing

Let me start by wishing everyone a Happy Mother's Day (a day late). As a mother of three 19-month olds I realize just how blessed I am. They are three great children. They are three that absolutely love being outside. We now have new things to occupy us (keep scrolling to see it all).

Since Jo Jo has been out of town with baseball and it has rained almost everyday for the last two weeks, my dad mowed with his riding lawnmower last week. As soon as Patrick got out of the van from school this is where he went and did not move until my dad was finished.

And then the other two had to come watch. Do you think they will like the lawn mowers as much when they are actually big enough to use them?

Here is our most exciting news: We have a new swing set (compliments of Mi Mi and Paw Paw). It was finally installed this weekend when there was a bread in the rain. Here are a few pics showing you just how much they love it.

Now for once last picture. I try very hard to put pictures of each of the trips up equally, however, sometimes it is difficult and it is because of this cheeseball (Patrick). He is always doing something funny or making a funny face. By the way, that is an ice cream sandwich all over his face.

We will be going to see Erin graduate from 8th grade Friday so check back next week for more pictures.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It has been a while since I have updated the site. Our little people are growing and changing so fast now. We know our body parts, how to say “more” and we want “more” a lot, and we know a few animal sounds. All three can tell you what an elephant says. It is way too cute. Here are a few pics from Easter.

Kathleen just likes to take them out of the basket and take them apart. Don't you just love those arms.

We liked the plastic eggs at Grandmas, but didn't completely get the concept.

What a great big sister!

All four children looking at the camera.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pretty Weekend of March 6-Loving the backyard.

Silly Kathleen crawling on the stepping stones.

Micah needing a haircut.

Notice the brown around Patrick's mouth; it isn' chocolate
(can you say red clay).

Brotherly love....

If you notice Patrick's nose, you can see he had
a fight with the concrete and the concrete won.


Oh how I love the wind in my hair.

We love our choo choo wagon.