Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 4th Visit

Mimi and paw paw went to visit the gang for the 4th. Everybody was there including Erin and here are a few pics. The triplets are 9 months old today ... can't believe the time has gone by so fast.
Micah's favorite location ... at his mother's feet.

Pawpaw and his 2nd gal ... Kathleen.

Kathleen and Hoss Man

We get to play with our toys after we eat.
L to R: Patrick, Kathleen, & Micah

Big sister Erin helping out by changing Kathleen before church.

Kathleen loves the 'frig.

Micah loves the jelly in the bottom slot of the 'frig.

Micah is playing london bridges with Kathleen! :)

Life with triplets ... they are everywhere!
Micah is at Jo Jo's feet, Kathleen is laying on the floor by Micah and Patrick is the foreground.

There wasn't a fence up to ward off the curious children so human roadblocks had to get involved. Momma Ginger and Big Sister Erin had to come to their rescue.