Sunday, January 27, 2008

3 of a kind ...

Micah, Kathleen, and Patrick are growing up so fast. Here are the latest "all together" pictures.

L to R: Micah, Kathleen, and Patrick

Micah and Patrick were looking at Jo Jo because he was trying to take a picture too!

Melting hearts ...

Micah is already sweet-talkin' PawPaw into whatever he wants ...

Kathleen has PawPaw wrapped around her finger! :)


Micah and Patrick look more like Jo Jo everyday and Kathleen looks just like her momma. Their personalities are definately showing now. Look at how big they are getting.




Our first real outing to Jim-N-Nicks BBQ

During a recent visit to TN, Mimi and PawPaw assisted Jo, Ginger, and Erin to a successful trip out to eat with the triplets. Momma said everybody did fairly well. Here are some pics to capture the moment.

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Holidays with the trips ...

I was so glad to be able to see Jo Jo, Ginger, the triplets, and Erin during the holidays. Momma actually went up before Christmas so she could help Ginger while Jo was gone on a road trip. Daddy came up after he got off work and was able to spend a few days there. I went up Christmas afternoon. Momma and I came home on New Years Eve. Those babies are so sweet ... I probably could stay forever! I know momma could ... :)

The triplets have grown so much. Micah and Patrick are smiling now. Kathleen was smiling a little before we left but Micah and Patrick were naturals. Micah has a couple of dimples when he smiles ... Just melts your heart! Micah had also found his fist and thumb before I got there and Patrick found his while I was there. Here's Micah and his fist.

I tried to teach Kathleen how to laugh/scream and she would do it every once and a while. Ginger said she would blame me if Kathleen continued to do that, especially in the middle of the night!

The babies didn't lack for presents on Christmas. Kathleen got a couple of baby dolls and the boys got a Tonka truck each. Books, puzzles, and others things were received. They have lots to look forward to!

Ginger thinks she may go back to work later this month. Please pray for her and Jo Jo as she makes the best decision about when to go back. And pray for her emotional health of having to leave them at daycare. I can't imagine how hard it would be having to leave them when she has spent almost every day and night with them since they were born. Micah, Patrick, & Kathleen will go to a daycare very close to Ginger's office. This daycare came recommended from the Multiples support group in Murfreesboro. The center has kept multiples in the past so they have experience with that. I just can't believe they will be 12 weeks old on Tuesday, January 8. It is amazing how time flies by ...

The nurse came by the house to check on the babies this past friday, January 4. Their new weights: Micah - 14.9 lbs; Patrick - 11.12 lbs; and Kathleen - 11.10 lbs.

Micah Man says ... "I'm watching you."

Patrick says "I can't watch..."

Kathleen says ... "I'll watch for a little while but I'm really sleepy."

Big Sister Erin!

Big sister Erin holding Micah Man

Erin playing her PlayStation DS outside of
Liberty Bowl Stadium. Look at those legs ...
could they be any longer??

Liberty Bowl Champs!

Compliments of their Aunt Lele, The trips were ready to watch the Liberty Bowl in the comfort of their home. Aunt Lele and Momma Ginger stayed home with the kids while Mimi, big sister Erin, and Paw Paw Glenn cheered on the dawgs in our absence. Maroon is definitely their color!!!

L to R: Micah, Kathleen, and Patrick

I had to take a picture of their backside ... Kathleen's
outfit had "Future Tailgater" on her bottom!

Final Scoreboard ... Dawgs Win! 10 - 3.

We can barely fit in one bed ...

The trips are growing so fast, they can barely fit in one bed! Micah was upset because he had limited space to move!!

From L to R: Micah, Patrick, & Kathleen

Hello Paw Paw Glenn!

Paw Paw Glenn getting some triplet time ...

Welcome to 2008!

Look at how we are growing ...

Micah Man (aka Hoss Man)
smilin' a bit at his daddy

Kathleen lookin' mighty pitiful!

Patrick beginning to play on the floor ...
kicking his legs and moving his arms.